Design & Prototyping of the Large Telescope Camera​

The technical design of the camera for the large-size telescopes of CTA will be produced as well as at least a partial prototype.
We aim to use as many components common to the cameras for other types of telescope as possible without compromising the performance at the lowest energies. The small number of cameras for the Large Size Telescope as well as their low cost with respect to the structure of the telescope justify an increase of cost to achieve a better performance or reduce the price of the structure. We will review and evaluate new photosensors, possible technologies for recording pixel signals and camera trigger strategies.
For the decision milestone at 12 months, a Conceptual Design Report will be ready with an evaluation of existing technologies as well as a default option for the different components. After this point, the default option will be further refined, aiming for an integrated technical design by the end of the preparatory phase.

This work package is co-ordinated by IFAE Barcelona, contact: Oscar Blanch Bigas