Large-sized Telescope System Engineering and Integration

This deals with system engineering and integration issues of the technical design work and engineering for the large-size telescopes (LSTs) of CTA.
The LSTs are required to achieve the high sensitivity from a few tens of GeV up to about a hundred GeV. The baseline option is an array of 3 to 4 LSTs of diameter of about 24 m, envisaged for both CTA sites, placed in a compact configuration with inter-telescope distances of about 100 m. For these telescopes, the focal plane instrumentation will be adapted to the goal of reducing the energy threshold of the telescopes as much as possible.
In contrast to the medium and small telescopes, given the large size and expected cost of the LSTs and their (comparatively) small number it is not foreseen to construct a complete telescope prototype but rather construct an LST for the first time at the final site(s).  However, by the time the Technical Design Report for the CTA installation is ready, a detailed understanding of the needed technical characteristics of all the LST elements based on the prototyping and lab-testing of all the relevant components and subsystems will be available to confirm the adequacy and feasibility of the chosen design options.
This work package is co-ordinated by MPP, Munich, contact: Masahiro Teshima