Design of the Large Telescope Structure & Optics, and component Prototyping

This work is concerned with the evaluation of design options, and with the detailed design and prototyping of critical components of the large-sized telescope (LST) of 24 m class. To achieve the goal of good sensitivity in the energy domain of some 10 GeV, a highly cost-effective design for a very large telescope structure is needed. Early in the Preparatory Phase, we will investigate design options for the structure, with a focus on finite element calculations for different concepts to investigate scaling laws for cost versus size and to identify critical mechanical components. Following these results, and in accordance with the system and sub-system specifications and requirements, detailed design work on a chosen concept will be performed. Prototypes for critical mechanical components, as well as of the drive system, mirror alignment system and large sub-assemblies will be built in order to verify their properties and to derive detailed cost estimates. A fully-costed design and implementation plans for a full prototype telescope will be produced.
This work package is co-ordinated by MPP, Munich, contact: Thomas Schweizer