Design & Prototyping of the Medium Telescope

This task coordinates the system design work and engineering for the medium-size telescopes (MSTs) of CTA and develops the technical plans for the fabrication of part of the arrays.
The MSTs of CTA will be built to achieve a sensitivity of a milli-Crab in the photon energy domain from about one hundred GeV to ten TeV. An array of a few tens of MSTs of diameter about 12 m is planned for CTA. An MST consists of three basic assemblies, the mechanics, mirrors and camera. Building an MST requires the combined effort of many people in many institutes together with partners from industry. For this reason, controlling the definition, design, production, integration, verification and validation of the telescopes involves both major engineering and managerial effort.
This work package is co-ordinated by DESY, Zeuthen, contact: Stefan Schlenstedt