We will produce a mechanical design and a prototype structure, drives and control system for the medium-sized telescopes (MST) which will form the core of the CTA system.
Following the specifications and requirements prepared during the Preparatory Phase and the existing conceptual designs, the engineering design of these telescopes will have a special focus on the stability of the structure, its reliability and manufacturability in large quantities, as well as on optimized cost control. Work on common aspects of all telescopes, such as drive system architecture, safety concepts and control algorithms, will be undertaken in close co-operation with work being undertaken on the large and small telescopes. As a final result, a fully tested and verified telescope structure with all its components will be produced by the end of the Preparatory Phase. This includes detailed production and commissioning plans as well as detailed cost- and risk-analysis.
This work package is co-ordinated by DESY, Zeuthen, contact: Stefan Schlenstedt