Design and Prototyping of the Small Telescope Structure & Optics

We will perform a comprehensive study of the structure, mirrors, motorization and control system for the two options for the optical design (single- and dual-mirror) of the CTA small-sized telescopes (SST). Based on these studies and on the studies of the camera design for the SSTs, one of the two options will be selected and the detailed engineering design of the telescope structure and optics produced for the preferred option.
In case of a dual-mirror option being chosen, additional work will be dedicated to the critical specific components, like the secondary mirror and its fixings and to the detailed implementation plans and the verification of prototypes of critical components and assemblies. In case of a simpler, single-mirror design being chosen, a prototype structure will be realized.
This work package is co-ordinated by INAF, Osservatorio di Brera, contact: Giovanni Pareschi