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Frequently Asked Questions in CTA computing/IT
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collapse Topic, related to : Document ‎(5)
Library to store and work with documents
Item is currently unrated.19/07/201110/08/2011 14:54Approved
How to edit a document
Item is currently unrated.19/07/201110/08/2011 14:54Approved
Name, Title, Reference policy
Item is currently unrated.19/07/201118/08/2011 12:42Approved
Precautions for Upload: file extensions
Item is currently unrated.19/07/201110/08/2011 14:54Approved
Difference between check in, check out and Publish
Item is currently unrated.Howto work with pages in a publishing site [ShPt2007, but still valid for ShPt2010]23/09/201129/12/2011 22:48Approved
collapse Topic, related to : Experienced users ‎(1)
How to access web statistics?
Item is currently unrated.Link to Google Analytics18/08/201118/08/2011 12:38Approved
collapse Topic, related to : InDiCo ‎(3)
How to obtain an InDiCo account?
Item is currently unrated.Quick link to InDiCo login form21/03/201321/03/2014 11:15Approved
How to put a link into the description of a session (or contribution, or event)?
Item is currently unrated.15/12/201129/12/2011 22:49Approved
I am organising a meeting and would like to use CTA-InDiCo for e-Payment.
Item is currently unrated.20/02/201223/02/2012 11:24Approved
collapse Topic, related to : Records Centre ‎(6)
What is a Records Centre?
Item is currently unrated.CTA RecordsCentre19/07/201104/10/2016 16:02Approved
Send a document to the Records Centre
Item is currently unrated.19/07/201103/03/2013 08:51Approved
What happens to my sent document?
Item is currently unrated.19/07/201103/03/2013 08:52Approved
Usage rules and prerequisites
Item is currently unrated.Document edition19/07/201103/03/2013 07:50Approved
Interrupted file upload, I can't find my file.
Item is currently unrated.remove from DropOffLibrary26/09/201103/03/2013 07:48Approved
Records Centre
Item is currently unrated.CTA Records Centre03/03/201303/03/2013 07:48Approved
collapse Topic, related to : Registry ‎(1)
How to change my personal data?
Item is currently unrated.People database04/10/201604/10/2016 16:13Approved
collapse Topic, related to : SharePoint ‎(11)
How I can change my password and update my profile on SharePoint?
Item is currently unrated. 11:15Approved
How to create ShPt Sites and Workspaces
Item is currently unrated.19/07/201103/04/2012 19:44Approved
Is my browser compatible with Sharepoint?
Item is currently unrated.Official list on MS technet19/07/201127/10/2016 20:24Approved
How to combine ShPt Calendars
Item is currently unrated.CTA tutorial19/12/201123/02/2012 11:26Approved
Copy and paste a ShPt "List" into Excel et al.
Item is currently unrated.30/12/201104/01/2012 13:55Approved
How can I link "from SharePoint" on my page?
Item is currently unrated.Sharepoint 2010 add/edit form: Insert link from sharepoint disabled27/02/201226/02/2012 23:19Approved
How can I add "special" characters in ShPt?
Item is currently unrated.List of HTML sequences on Wikipedia14/04/201209/02/2015 08:56Approved
How to remind your password
Item is currently unrated. 11:15Approved
How to edit a Document in a Library
Item is currently unrated.03/03/201309/02/2015 08:56Approved
How to select from multiple matches in PeoplePicker
Item is currently unrated.PeoplePicker "about" in TechNet01/04/201301/04/2013 18:58Approved
Cannot validate group join/leave request
Item is currently unrated.First report+solution of this problem Aug 20th, 201420/08/201404/12/2015 09:43Approved
collapse Topic, related to : Support ‎(1)
How to ask questions in a smart way
Item is currently unrated.21/08/201109/02/2015 08:55Approved
collapse Topic, related to : SVN ‎(2)
How to access CTA SVN
Item is currently unrated.DATA-PM/12061402/03/201309/02/2015 08:54Approved
How to know the actual permissions of in SVN?
Item is currently unrated.Link to /conf/authz in redmine26/01/201509/02/2015 08:54Approved
collapse Topic, related to : Video Conferencing ‎(1)
How to connect to MCU VC with EVO
Item is currently unrated.EVO for MCU connection23/02/201223/02/2012 11:25Approved