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Fist step on the site
Page Structure : illustrated guidelines to understand a typical page structure.

Navigation : different ways to navigate through the whole CTA site

Portal Hierarchy : understand the CTA portal hierarchy.


Use of documents
Download a Document : how to get a copy on your local computer
Upload a Document : how to upload documents from your local computer
Edit Items in a List : editing lists such as CTA Members List
Permission Levels : your freedom in the site depends on your permissions

Ribbon : a means of controlling what you want to do
Set your Alerts : how to be informed when something in the site has been changed
Create a new sub-site : create sub-site below current one
Modify Quick Launch Navigation Bar : change navigation buttons on left of page

How to delete a column : Delete a column in a list

First Video

Connection to Sharepoint
Create new site
Create new column


Second Video

Change items type
Modify liste
Creat view


Third Video

Create Web Part


Fourth Video

Make a custom list
Edit items


Fifth Video

Content type
Custom list