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How to connect to a video conference through EVO

  • Start EVO as usual from (You need to be registered there.) Login to EVO.

  • In the top bar menu of the Koala window of EVO click on the phone icon. Select the "Call H.323/SIP client" option as shown below.
  • EVO-Koala-H323-menu.png
  • The window "Call H.323/SIP client" will pop up. Extend it with the "Advanced" or "More" button  in order to see the advanced options. Now click on the little arrow pointing to the right at the right border of the window, a numeric keypad will show.

  • From advanced options, choose Connection through Panda

  • The protocol (h.323) should be pre-selected. Selecte it otherwise.

  • Fill the IP address of your MCU. (See below for the example case of RMS.)

  • Click on the (green) phone button next to the IP address. (You may want to open the video window, if it does not open automatically from EVO, in order to check, if you are on the right MCU and if your meeting has already started in the system. (RMS allows you to read your Conference ID there.)

  • Enter your Conference ID with the keypad and finish with the number sign (#). (EVO also works with your computer keyboard for entering the numbers on some PCs only.)

  • Enter your PIN with the keypad and finish with the number sign (#).

  • Now you are connected to the conference. You may want to check if your microphone is muted or your camera on.​

Decode the RMS reservation notification

The organiser of a video conference on RMS receives a notification, which he shares usually with the expected attendees of the conference. You will need three element from the first part of the notification for connection to RMS:

------------- CONFERENCE -----------------
-- Titre : Carnaval
-- Date : 11 november 2011
-- Heure : 11:11:11 heure locale
-- Duree : 03:00:00
-- Numero a appeler :
----  IP   :
----  ISDN : +33 (0)4 26 68 73 02
----  TEL  : +33 (0)4 26 68 73 02
-- Identifiant numerique : 67834 (terminer par #)
-- Code PIN : 1111 (terminer par #)
IP address (here for the equipment known as MCU82 in Lyon), Conference ID (here 67834), PIN (here 1111, by convention the organiser may have chosen the conference date [DDMM] to simplify your connection).

Note also that you can connect to the RMS reserved conference at any time by telephone at the indicated phone number(s), using again the Conference ID/PIN.

More information 

What is a MCU? What is RMS?

In order to make a video conference between more than two participants (also called point-to-point or P2P conference) you obviously need one central machine or service, who collects all incoming video and audio data, makes up a common video and audio signal and sends it back to all participants. This machine is called a Multipoint Control Unit or MCU. EVO, Vidyo or Skype use by default their own, dynamic MCU system in a completely transparent way for the user.

In some cases and for certain reasons (confidentiality, billing, availability of service), it may be preferrable to use a well defined MCU for video conferencing. For example IN2P3/CNRS offers MCU services in its framework of Remote Meeting System (RMS). See documentation on their website for other advantages (like recording, file hosting, streaming, ISDN bridge) which provides this service.

Clients for MCU: H.323 standard

Most modern MCU systems use the H.323 standard for data (video and audio) transmission. Typical clients are video conference room equipment. In order to transmit also screen copies or other multi-video channels, the equipment must in addition be compatible with the H.329 standard

EVO uses its own MCUs and protocols for video conferences by default. In order to control EVO connection over H.323 to a specific MCU, follow these instructions. (Cf. screenshot at the right, click to enlarge.)​