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Convention for CTA Site

SharePoint allows a great variety of ways to set up a site using numerous Templates. To ensure a harmonious look-and-feel throughout the CTA site, a certain number of conventions are defined for various actions. 


1.  Sub-sites should be created using a standard template via:  Site Actions --> New Site --> CTA_Sites (custom site template)


2. Documents should be stored according to the conventions:

  • Released ("published") documents: stored as in PDF format  in the Records Centre as "CTA Document".
  • Documents under development: in a local library in the sub-site to be sent as a PDF file when finished to the Records Center.
  • Documents considered not to be of general interest or external documents: in a Site Assets library of the local site.


2a.  Sending a document to the Records Center

  • from one of your local library : select the document --> Send To --> RecordsCenter (need to set the Content Type of your document to CTA_Document : Edit properties --> Content Type)
  • from the Records Center itself : use the upload button on the main page.

2b. Local libraries should be created as: Site Actions --> More Options --> CTA_Documents (custom library template)

2c. Site Assets libraries are set up with folders for each site page: done automatically by SharePoint


3.  to link a document in your page text :
  1. Upload the document to one of your site library Upload a document in your library
  2. Use the standard Wiki command from the page text (How To Use This Library) to create directly a link to the document. Ex : [[List:Local Library/CTA_NOTE_DATA_PBS_V2.pdf]]
  3. Save & Close
  1. Upload the document to one of your site library Upload a document in your library
  2. In the library, Right-Click on the file Name, and  Copy Link Location
  3. In the page text, Editing Tools, Insert, Link, From Address
  4. Insert_Hyperlink_way.png

    Paste in Address field, Fill in Text to Display field, click OK.

  5. Save & Close