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Welcome to HelpDesk !
This site provides help and instructions for optimal use of the CTA web services. In order to work with CTA IT resources, you must fulfill two conditions:
  1. You must be declared to be a CTA member by your group/institute/party representative (in the CTA People database; they know what that is).
  2. You need to create your personal CTA account, if you do not have on yet, by clicking here.
If you request your account and are not registered in the CTA member database, you and the group leader of your institute will get a notification from the Project Office, asking for confirmation of your affiliation (and addition of your details to the database). This will prevent your account request to be validated immediately.
After validation, it will take usually less than 12 working hours (1½ working days) to get complete access to all CTA IT services.

If you are a CTA member with activated account, you can log-in to your personal space and manage your account (change your data, reset your password etc.).

The CTA account will give you access to the InDiCo meeting site, to the collaboration portal (Sharepoint) and all other CTA web services.

In case of technical troubles, please contact

When you contact us, you may want to provide the following information, in order to avoid unnecessary turnarounds (thus get your solution quicker):
  • At which URL ("web address", copied from your browser) did your problem occur?
  • What did you expect to happen when your problem occured?
  • What happened instead? (If possible, send us the exact error message or a screen copy.)
  • At what time (as good as you can tell) did the problem occur? Were you able to reproduce it after an hour, after a day, eventually?
  • What operating system, navigator, other relevant software did you use?
  • Can you reproduce the error with another computer/software or in another environment?
  • Can your (CTA) colleagues reproduce the error with their equipment/credentials?