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CTA Membership

CTA IT User accounts are given on the basis of certain relationships,

  • CTA Consortium members or CTAO staff ("Members")
  • CTA sub-contractors, consultants and collaborators who do not fall into the previous categories ("Externals").
  • Members of Advisory committees and Governing bodies such as Council, STAC, AFC (also "Externals").

All CTA IT Users comply to rules equivalent to the CERN IT Security Rules.

CTA members have some additional privileges and obligations:

  • They have access to CTA-IT resources.
  • They have access to CTA publications, past and in preparation, and can opt-in for papers to be published, according to the PHYS work group regulations.
  • They receive regular CTA News updates.

After departure from CTA, the account of a Member remains valid for one year. 

Accounts of parting External users are closed according to the stop date determined in the External Users List.

More obligations for CTA Consortium members are gouverned by the CTA-CB documents.