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​Vibe (ex eZuce / SRN / SeeVogh / EVO) - How to


Vibe uses the same high-quality video server back-end infrastructure as SRN and has replaced the current eZuce SRN client.

Download the client at

The log-in data are the same as for SeeVogh/eZuce/SRN, and the password for the CTA community is also the same. If you need the CTA-community password, please contact our IT support team at​.

Some of the features at a glance:
  •     A bar on the left where all active users are shown
  •     The possibility to start an ad-hoc meeting (click on a person on the left and invite him, you can also add more people)
  •     Start a private chat within a meeting with one of the participants or somebody else from the community
  •     An additional tab where you can open a website and screen-share it within a meeting (these are called App Tabs)

Additionally, you can invite external guests to your meetings via WebRTC by sharing the link and the meeting details (phone-bridge ID and phone-bridge password).

New users can request an account at: